Moments - Journal and Time Tracker

Live a more conscious and productive life with a simplified journal of your day.

Life is made up of moments and how you feel in each one of them is very important. Proven scientific studies shows that keeping a personal diary results in improvements in performance, well-being, memory, stress, among other benefits. However, this task usually takes a long time and maintaining this habit is very hard, isn't it?

The purpose of Moments is to help you live a better life, more conscious and productive, through a simplified journal of your activities and moods. With records directly on the lock screen, which take less than 5 seconds, you will have all the benefits of a personal journal, and much more!

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Top 7 reasons to use Moments

★ Add records without stress - Record your moments immediately after unlocking your phone and without typing a single letter!

★ Track your time - Find out exactly how much time you have spent on your daily activities and avoid wasting time.

★ Stop procrastinating - Use time on what really matters with the help of Moments statistics.

★ Know more about yourself - Observe your mood swings throughout the day and develop your self-awareness.

★ Repeat what makes you feel good - Find out how your mood varies with your activities and invest in what makes you happiest.

★ Create new habits (coming soon) - Define habits and goals related to your activities.

★ Keep a private diary - Do you want to keep a traditional diary? Just insert comments in your records!

★ Customize your activities and moods.

★ Many options of icons and colors.

★ Various themes available.

★ Dark mode.

★ Daily, weekly and monthly statistics.

★ Registry directly from the lock screen.

★ Adjust the frequency of the registration screen.

★ (Coming soon) Habits and goals.

★ (Coming soon) Backup via Google Drive.

Other features

Moments is developed with you in mind, that's why we:

We do not store any personal information about your records (see our Privacy Policy for more details).

★ We care about the design of the App.

★ We value every comment that you make.